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Exclusive: Large Number Of Deep Web Child Abuse Sites Shut Down Abruptly

Sunlight is the best disinfectant

In some other Good news – A source just informed us that a large number of well known websites that operated for a long time on the Tor network (.onion sites), some of them offering the worse type of child abuse content including the singe site inside the Tor Network offering content of children being raped and tortured were shut down abruptly by their owner,  an infamous anonymous figure  known as “Lux” who just posted a PGP signed message stating:

As always, all Empires eventually fall and today is the day that the {Removed} falls.

After years of running CP hidden services, today is the day that I walk away. There are personal issues which my close friends have been made aware of that have forced me to make this decision.

I will leave {Removed} (and it’s chat) as well as {Removed} up for the time being however if I host for you via {Removed} I suggest you start looking for a new hosting provider ASAP.

I don’t like long awkward farewells, so… Goodbye :)


The number of sites that were shut down is well over 10 sites and reported to be “dozens of sites” (including the sites on the hosting service).

It is unclear why those sites were shut down and if its related in any way to Law Enforcement activity.

In the message above its mentioned that the hosting service – dedicated to hosting Child abuse sites that was established as a replacement for  “Freedom hosting”, a hosting service that was taken down last August by the FBI and hosted the majority of all CP sites of the Deep Web, is still active for the time being but will be shut down soon as well.

The source who provided us with this info who is well familiar with the CP world inside the TOR network suggested that the reason behind this shutdown is personal issues related to his personal life and told us that he was acting “weird” at the last month, changing ID’s and not responding to messages, signs that suggests he or someone close to him were under some sort of security risk of being exposed (maybe by Law enforcement) which might led to this decision. Not only that, he also mentioned the shocking fact that:

he has a 6 years old girlfriend

And when we asked if her parents knows he replied:

yes her dad knows. but the dad is a pedo too.

This comes only a few days after the BBC published an article quoting an active pedo who used to run a website on the TOR network – which we introduced to them (background here) – We would like to mention that this is NOT the same person as the one who shut down his sites, And also when today it became known of nation wide arrests where 168 kids rescued, 281 pimps nabbed in sex-trafficking crackdown that included online activities, we have no confirmed reports that these stories are related in any way.

Even though its pretty sure that other sites will pop up, its still good news when such sites are being taken down from whatever reason that may be, and hopefully this will serve as a reminder that the child abuse problem is a real world issue, regardless of the shut down of this site or another.


  1. I was having a bad day and this has brightened it up, great news its just a pity there will no doubt be 10 for every 1 shut down just like when Silk Road was shut down.
    We can always hope he’s been caught and not by police

  2. i wish i had a 6 year old girlfriend.

    well at least they are going after the actual harmful criminals now.

    “and hopefully this will serve as a reminder that the child abuse problem is a real world issue, regardless of the shut down of this site or another.”
    the media actually overexaggerates the problem… but whatever you say.

  3. Good! Hopefully the law enforcement is close on their trails.

    Not only are these type of people horrible for society, but they give TOR and other dark sites a horrible name as well.

    • anonlol

      lol fucking really? Selling drugs and having assassination markets and selling weapons is perfectly ok, but THE CHILD PRONZ IS HORRIBLE FOR THE DARKNET.

      …suck a dick bitch.

      • Newguy559

        Took the words right out of my mouth. Discrimination has no limits. If society we really concerned, they would stop locking people up for being different and instead use science to understand what makes them different and fix it.

        • What about the little girl who doesn’t want to fuck an old dude – or anyone? Oh yeah, she’s not human. Too bad your mother didn’t fall down the stairs when she was pregnant with you.

          • Actually yeah, selling drugs and weapons to adults is perfectly fine, even good. Selling drugs and weapons to children… Not so much. Taking meth to help you get through your workday, not something I’d do but I can’t tell you how to live your life… Binging on meth and neglecting a child… Not okay, you suck. Buying a gun for self protection. Cool. Buying a gun to rob and murder.. Not cool. See the theme ?

      • fuck chesters

        ur a moron child porn and abuse have no reason being in life at all they need to be hung till death

  4. Yes, glad to hear these shut down but this article still made my blood boil. I’ve never ventured to that side of the dark web and after reading about the content available, I am furious.

    There is absolutely NOTHING that would make me happier and more content with my life than to be able to go Boondock Saints on every pedo possible. I can think of nothing that would be more pleasure than slitting the throat of anyone who could take pleasure out of something so fucked up.

    Something so heinous does not deserve the slap on the wrist they typically get from law enforcement. At the very least, they should be locked away for the rest of their life as they posse a great danger to the most vulnerable members of our society. But, I feel execution would be a far more suitable punishment for the things they put these children through.

    Moral of this post: if you know an IRL pedo, please cease their existence.

    • I would love to know why you think tortuous violence is any less atrocious than child abuse? Advocating such violence against anyone makes you just as bad as them in my book.

      • Newguy559

        Well said!

      • The child is an innocent victim. The pedo is not innocent he has harmed a child. That’s the difference. Haven’t you ever seen someone you love cry or be mistreated and just want to kill the offender ( not really kill, you know what I mean). It’s the same thing.

  5. Ok If the alphabet soup mob touches a DNM drug market b4
    all the pedo sites are removed i will fuck the CIA up the Ring personalty. [They know were I am]

  6. 1. he’s had a “six year old” girlfriend for almost three years and she has never gotten older
    2. the proof of his girlfriend he produced turned out to be by someone else
    3. this is the fourth time PE has shut down, do you really think it is over

    • Damn

      A Scum Pedo and a liar, the kind a guy that every (fake) 6 year old would want to introduce to her (fake) Pedo parents!

      • Oz

        I like the way you think

        google bate search here

  7. This is just awful I didn’t even know shit like this happened. Hopefully they all realize they’re fucked and they turn they’re creepy 6 year old girlfriend having asses in

  8. Here s a Google bate search for photo shop pros
    and pedo hunters enjoy and search the markets for disposables soon ;-)


  9. Pedo bate to catch a predator

  10. bait is for fish
    bate is for catching the mastur / bater

  11. The guy who shut it down is Lux, and the {Removed} is actually PedoEmpire, L2TC, ?, and PedoHosting, respectively.

  12. Peanut Gallery

    Hmmm… it’s interesting to see people who fully support selling devastatingly addictive drugs such as meth… or weapons designed for killing humans…

    …well, it’s just incredibly ironic that these people take some kind of moral high ground over (for example) a 19 year old with a 14 year old GF.

    Pot, kettle, black… jesus you guys never learn!

    • Did you not read the type of stuff that is on these sites ?? What I find ‘incredibly ironic’ that you read that article and missed the bit about cp. Dafuq has a 19 and 14 year old b/f g/f got to do with sites with the rape and torture of children you spas.

    • No such thing as addiction.

    • Well said. Once upon a time, homosexuals were viewed the same way. Who is to say what makes a pedo and why, but fact is, I doubt any of them CHOSE to be that way. Helping them find help without persecution is the answer because as long as there are humans, there will be pedos.

      • Homosexuality occurs between consenting individuals, you moron. Children have not developed mentally or sexually and cannot give consent. People who are being raped are not giving consent. How come you think human rights only exist for rapists and not their victims?

        • Rock Cult Filth

          He’s not saying gays and pedos should be treated equally or that they’re the same. He’s saying that they probably didn’t choose to be pedos, and society should find some way of fixing them instead of just locking them up. There’s clearly an issue in their brains. Fundamentally, the similarity is that gay people used to be treated the same way as pedos (and still are in some places). Gay people don’t choose their sexual preference, and neither do pedophiles. However, the reason homosexuality is okay, like you said, is because it’s consensual. No harm, no foul. But it seems stupid to punish people for having that natural disorder. I personally believe that pedophiles who haven’t committed any heinous crimes should be put in mandatory rehabilitation to try and find some sort of solution to a worldwide problem.

          • It’s not that they are sexually attracted to children, it’s that they act on it. I think this is obvious. A person’s will supersedes any genetic or environmental predisposition. You can choose to starve yourself to death if you gave yourself a good enough reason- self preservation is an instinct backed by 4 billion years of evolution -so I’m pretty sure a pedo can choose to not rape a child if they too had a good enough reason, and they fucking do. A pedo could also elect to have a chemical ( or physical) castration if it was getting too out of control- in this case, end of story they’re cured. It’s not that they can’t help themselves, however- it’s that their will is tainted because they care more about fulfilling their sexual desires then they do about a child’s well being. And btw I think most gay people would stop having gay sex if every time they did a child’s life was ruined…That’s the difference. Apples to oranges, really…

        • iyiy7y7

          You fucktard.Im 15 and I will fucking beat your ass for saying I dont have the emotional maturity for sex. Its my fucking body. get over it. And what if those kids want it? you still consider that pedophilia? Your gross negligence for the fact that you use the darkweb for drugs and weapons disgusts me. You have no right to look down you nose at anyone. shame on you!!

  13. He lives in Florida and is a 47 year old recently married male.

    • What makes you say this?

    • RedRedMane

      Rat, I agree. Girls often begin to get womanly “curves” at a very young age. Some people recognize that. Why? Because their MOTHERS were “bomb-shells”, and they “took after” their moms.
      What do I think when I see an attractive pretty little girl! I think, “wow! She’s going to grow up to be ONE HOT CHICK! I also think, “man, if only I could be her age and meet her when she’s bigger!,..” Yes, it is normal to recognize a physically attractive person, regardless of her ( or his ) age.
      But to “ACT” on that is another thing entirely! No, it WON’T “feel good to her! At her age, it’s gonna HURT LIKE HELL!! I mean, … you ever try to cram a medium to large size pickle through a hole the size of a NICKEL?!? Ain’t nothin’s gonna FIT! It would be painful for BOTH parties!

  14. I contacted the FBI, telling them who this guy was 6 months ago. I have complete proof. They have decided to do nothing about this so I am going to.
    He is a newly married man in late 40’s living in Florida, he has a collection of 4+ cars and 3+ motorbikes and runs a ‘legit’ cameraman/video production company.
    Anyone want his name and full proof contact me at luxhasabigfoot@yahoo.co.uk.
    All questions will be answered as he has continued to ignore my prompts for contact. He will be ruined.

    We do not forgive
    We do not forget
    Expect us

    • ROFL – I wonder why the FBI did nothing about that guy you reported in Florida? I wonder if it is because the guy turned out to be from Australia? But Florida and Australia are practically neighbors so I can see you making the mistake.

      I wonder if the FBI has picked YOU up yet for being a psychotic faggot?

    • Booboo

      That post is pure comedy gold. Lives in Florida and have proof lol, you skid muppet.

  15. Its good to see some action is being taken against child abuse and child porn. It really is sickening that the world has come to this kind of shit.

  16. Hii im from indonesia


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