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Birmingham Man Guilty of 137 Online Sexual Exploitation Charges

A 28-year-old Cambridge University graduate pleaded guilty to more than 130 charges of distributing child abuse content on the darknet, sexual exploitation, and even encouraging the rape of a four-year-old. He frequently manipulated victims by posing as a female artist and convincing victims to send compromising images of themselves. After receiving the images, the UK’s NCA explained, he gathered information on his victims and blackmailed them into sending humiliating videos that he uploaded to darknet “hurt core” forums.

Dr. Matthew Falder, a former post-doctoral researcher for the University of Birmingham, targeted more than 50 victims. He directly exploited victims in their teenage years, along with some in their twenties and thirties. His crimes affected more than those 50 though, including a four-year-old who had been raped after Falder convinced her rapist to go through with the act. He wanted the videos and pictures to share on the darknet forums where he uploaded his abusive and illegal content.

A National Crime Agency investigator said that he had never seen “such horrifying” crime where the criminal’s only desire was humiliating his victims. Under the handles “666devil” and “evilmind,” Falder uploaded pictures and videos of children being tortured; videos of young women degrading themselves in “sadistic” manners; and many other forms of content that led to the 137 charges Falder pleaded guilty to at Birmingham Crown Court.

He pleaded guilty to 137 charges. Those included causing the sexual exploitation of a child, producing indecent images of children, distributing indecent images, and encouraging the rape of a four-year-old. He also placed cameras in the showers of people he knew in real life, uploading the results and humiliating the victims in discussion threads on the darknet.

On Gumtree, Falder posed as a female artist who often manipulated vulnerable victims into sending naked or otherwise compromising pictures of themselves to help with “her” with nude artwork. Once Falder successfully doxed these (frequently young) women, he threatened to send the pictures to their families and all of their neighbors. He then ordered the victims to perform increasingly humiliating tasks while videoing themselves so that he could could upload the videos to darknet forums he frequented.

Falder, while living with his (soon to be former?) girlfriend, targeted and exploited his victims for at least eight years. In June 2017, thanks to a two-year NCA and GCHQ investigation, police finally caught up with the man and arrested him at Birmingham University (Their statement). During those eight years, although no victims had reportedly died, many attempted suicide or hurt themselves. Even the man’s family said their lives had been turned upside down in the wake of Falder’s arrest.

The court remanded him into custody until December. His hearing has been scheduled for December 7 and if all goes according to the prosecutor’s plan, Falder could (at maximum) spend life in prison.


  1. looks like a freak too, but all paedos are…

    • the phantom

      most likely: (yet) another photo-shopped non-person…
      its well known that pedos rarely frequent the DW….preferring peer-to-peer if any-thing…
      they just wanna stop people buying guns and drugs is all…

      • this is naive my friend

        • the phantom

          really? ?
          the NCA are nuthin’ more than a bunch of shit-bag, lying toe-rags!
          so…who TF can believe any-thing comin’ from those cunts any-way(s), eh?

          oh yeh…in other ‘developments’ …. the brother of alleged Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, has just been ‘busted’ for CP…uh….right!
          believe that one and i got this big, coat-hangar-shaped bridge in Sydney that i can sell you cheap,eh?

  2. all pedohpiles need to be Doxed/hunted and then killed :)

  3. Why doesn’t a family member of one of the victims have this sadistic, perverted sob killed?…fortunately, for me, I’m single, over 60y/o
    and still have enough Grrr
    in me that if it happened to a loved one of mine I’d
    exact revenge…
    Even if I had to go to jail myself to get to him.
    I’m on ssdi and don’t haveanything of value, am bald, overweight and have to wear glasses and dentures and deal with a.bit of diabetes(2) so I really aren’t worried about me. I also have committed crimes so know how the system works..so, “yeah” I’d get revenge.

  4. haha david bingham you wouldnt do anything. You’d just let your poor loved ones be raped and cry like everyone else.

    This is pretty tame. Too bad its nothing like what happens in real life when shit eaters and puke eaters pick up the camera.

  5. I can Empathise with those who fall down the porn hole and wind up in the underbelly of the deepweb. They feel remorseful and need physiological help to break their escalating habits. Im all for rehabilitation over punishment for those who can change but this guy is just a danger to society and needs to be locked away for the rest of his life for the sake of society.
    He is a straight up psychopath, he knew that directly acting out would very quickly land him in jail so he manipulated others to do it for him thats psychopathy to a T.

  6. With all the University Education and big degree acquired over the years.

    This folk was so bent on bringing down himself from that position of a univerisity Don to a pedofile.

    Justice await him in the law court.

    He could be jailed.

  7. With all the University Education and big degree acquired over the years.

    This folk was so bent on bringing down himself from that position of a university Don to a pedophile.

    Justice await him in the law court.

    He could be jailed.

  8. Don't Tread On Me

    WTF? This news story is extremely disturbing if true. This type of rotten behavior is common on the DW. The book, The Dark Net by Bartlett, talks about this exact scenario used by others. Such as the American Embassy worker in England who did the same thing to victims while working at the Embassy a couple of years ago. (I must say, the English seem to favor this type of abuse —though it is far from endemic to them.) Falder was merely copying depraved behavior he thought he could get away with, thinking it did not impinge on his “real world” life, and no doubt was able to keep them separate until the loud knock on the door from the cops. Behind the computer he was Satan incarnate, loving the power over his victims, but in real life he was a soft, flabby, pedo like the others.
    I find comments questioning whether this guy even exists a pretty sad commentary on the state of the web. Father Coughlin fiends like Alex Jones, though not stupid, have lead to a climate of solipsism that imperils the machinery of justice and prosecution in Western society. Perhaps this was coming for a long time, perhaps we now live in an era of anti-politics triumphant.

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