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UK Government to Announce £9m Dark Web Crackdown on Drugs and Firearms

UK Home Secretary Ms. Amber Rudd is scheduled to announce a £9m budget allocation in order to set aside sufficient funding to boost the fight against the dark web criminals and drug dealers operating in the darkest corners of the internet selling drugs and firearms to residents.

Ms. Amber Rudd, in a speech she is expected to give will be initiating an operation geared toward reducing the increasing crime carried out on the dark web. According to her, law enforcement agencies need additional help and expanded capacity to be in a position to tackle these emerging problems. She is also expected to set out some new funds which will see regular police forces setting up special cybercrime units at the local level for fighting illegal cyber and online crimes at the community level.

The dark web is only accessed through an encrypted browser and special software. This makes it difficult for law enforcement to track criminals on the internet. It is clear that heavy funding is expected when it comes to dark web federal investigation working toward cracking encrypted codes which require special and expensive software. Since it’s getting harder and more difficult for drug dealers and addicts to access these drugs on the streets, online drug sales are booming. After the crackdown of the famous dark web marketplace Silk Road, more stores have popped up replacing it and making it easier to access drugs and weapons online.

In her speech at a cybersecurity conference in Manchester, she will describe the dark web as a “a dark and dangerous section of the internet where anonymity emboldens individuals to conduct illegal activities breaking the law in the most horrifying ways,” and “ a platform for the most dangerous crimes such as horrific drugs abuse and terrorism.”

The home secretary will also outline the government’s plan to crackdown on cyber criminals, hunting mercilessly for those using the dark web’s anonymity to sell and buy firearms, malware, drugs, or conducting any activity deemed illegal on darknet marketplaces. “A sickening shopping list of illicit products and services on the dark web are available,” Ms. Amber Rudy will warn.

The home cabinet secretary will make it clear that over £9m funding has been budgeted to help the UK’s specialized law enforcers get additional training and relevant equipment: “They will use this cash to enhance their combating skills while dealing with the criminals who have continually exploited the anonymity of the darknet.”

According to Home Office, less than 35 percent of all local police forces currently have cyber capabilities to tackle online related crimes that reach the minimum standard. The funding will hence form part of the £50m budget previously allocated by the same office to train police and prosecutors ensuring they have all they need to handle dark web cybercrimes internally and externally during the 2018-2019 financial year.

“As these criminals hide behind the dark web’s anonymity, their horrifying actions are felt in real life. Consequently, the victims have been victimized for no fault of their own. My own dad was a victim of fraud and I know from experience the need of supporting those who have been affected. It’s happening online and happening to very many people out there,” Secretary Rudd concluded.

The boost in funding comes shortly after accusations and complaints in the Home Office, that budget cuts have contributed largely to the significant increase in violent crimes all over the country.


  1. Aussie pub brawler

    FUCK off, you control-freak mother-fuckers…
    you will NEVER ‘shut-it-down’ …. NEVER!
    just suck it!

  2. Sinnister Spinster

    9 million euros! That’s a laugh if it were for even 1 entire country! But spread across the entire U.K., each law enforcement agency will get roughly $411 euros per month for 1 year to aid in their fight against the dark web. Bahahahahahaha!!!

  3. Holy shit, Amber Rud literally bases government policy on what’s happend to her and her family.

  4. Amber Rudd’s a twat!

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