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Park City Parents File a Court Notice to Incriminate Dark Web, Tor Software and Mail Companies

James Seaver and his wife, Deborah, have recently joined a court notice in which they blame the dark web and mail services for their son, Grant Seaver’s, death. Seaver was a teenager aged 13 from Park City, Utah, who died in September 2016 due to a U-4770 drug overdose. The drug with the street name Pink was allegedly purchased from the dark web.

Two days after Seaver’s death, another boy, Ryan Ainsworth, aged 13, also passed on for the same reason. Seaver and Ainsworth’s parents claim that the two were together on the day of the overdose.

This notice was initially filed late last year in the Third District Court by Ainsworth’s father, Robert Ainsworth. It was meant to inform the accused parties of the parents’ intention in the event a trial is held for the case. Within two months, five other complainants, including the Seaver’s, had joined the family to seek justice. These complainants are from parents of teenagers who allegedly took part in the purchase of the drug over the darknet.

The parties that they intend to accuse of being the cause of the two deaths are Tor software, the estate of the late Alexandre Cazes, and two mail service companies, namely Express Mail Service and China Postal Express and Logistics. Tor is being condemned for aiding in access to darknet markets while the late Alexandra Cazes is charged since he is the founder of AlphaBay where the drugs were allegedly being marketed and sold before its closure. The mail services are being charged for shipping, transport, and delivery of items without proper scrutiny. Court documents show that the mail companies took part in shipping of the drugs from the drug vendor in China to the teenagers in Park City.

If the court approves the notice, jurors are expected to decide if Seaver’s and Ainsworth’s parents went through any trauma and who should be blamed for it.

Prior to joining the notice, the Seaver’s had filed a lawsuit in the District Court of Utah in which they blamed the same companies for their son’s death. The Seaver’s accused them of conducting dangerous business, negligence and conspiring to transport and distribute illicit drugs. They requested to be compensated for damages worth over $10 million.

Moreover, they blamed the Ainsworth parents for carelessness and neglecting parental supervision. They claimed that the Ainsworths were liable for the teenagers’ reckless behavior.

Their argument is that had the Ainsworth parents been cautious and responsible caregivers, they would have known about their sons’ drug consumption. They also argue that the Ainsworths neglected their duty of strict supervision and monitoring of the minors. Furthermore, they did not advise them against purchasing and using illegal drugs. For these reasons, they seek assessment of punitive damages from the Ainsworth parents.

Late last year, their complaints were dismissed for neglectful misrepresentation and strict accountability for abnormally reckless behavior.

In response to this, Robert Ainsworth filed a suit in September. He claimed that the Seaver’s should have warned him that his son was in danger of a drug overdose after the death of Seaver. He seeks compensation for both medical and burial bills, loss of a companion and other complaints.

The Ainsworth defense attorneys declined to comment on the case until after the court’s final ruling for which the date is yet to be set.

Despite this rivalry, both boys’ parents hope to obtain justice for their children by being compensated for their loss and through changes in the systems so that such an occurrence does not repeat itself. Such changes include improvement in drug detection systems in mail companies and the banishing of Tor software or at least the limitation of where and how it is used.

This case has alarmed the residents of Park City as they did not expect such minors to be involved in drug use. They were even more shocked as the teenagers knew of drugs on the dark web and purchased them successfully.

Such cases have been rampant all over the states, especially in relation to parties or celebrations organized by teenagers and youth. Drug rehabilitative services have been forced to stretch their resources to reform those who become addicts, leading to stalling and failure of other vital projects. Parents are advised to talk to their children about drugs and their effects and to discourage their use.


  1. I’ve actually had to be brought back to life from a fent overdose I bought on the dark web on alphabay and I even think the parents are responsible for not monitoring there 13 year olds internet usage.

  2. Better then park shitty parents

    Wow fucking retarded people.. They obviously just want a pay day… Maybe be involved with your children.. Sue yourselfs for shitty parenting.. Clown babies

  3. Seriously?????? Maybe they should have set down their glasses of wine long enough to go outside and play with their kids instead of letting the internet and multiple screens babysit them. Obviously, if the kids had the time to figure out how to encrypt, download/ operate TOR and then get the money/figure out how to aquire BTC then receive mail all while being a minor. (at the parents house I assume??? did they ever wonder why their kids are getting mail from China???) And this all happened without the mail being checked or opened by the parents?? Obviously these parents they are more interested in money than their kids. If these so called parents have other kids they’re probably getting high right now as the parents are sitting in some Lawyers office trying to find someone else to blame for their complete and utter failure as parents. Kids who get love, encouragement and attention don’t end up addicted to opiates at 13. TAKE RESPONSIBILTY FOR YOUR OWN FAILURES!! THE INTERNET CAN’T SAVE YOUR KIDS FROM YOUR LACK OF INVOLVEMENT IN YOUR KIDS LIVES.

  4. waldorf (of) statler

    sure sure makes total sense…. a serial rapist once drove a buick, used a dell laptop to check his email at an internet cafe. so GM, Google, Dell, Starbucks and the fucking internet is to blame for the acts of an individual. GTFO with that mess…. the most irrational people and their contrite validation of being the most offended triggered poster children for why abortion should be legal. how about we charge them for being clueless parents clearly not involved with their childrens daily lives? if we want to caste blame of course.

  5. Your sons dead because of your shitty parenting. Stop trying to blame everyone else for your fuck up.

  6. If anything they should sue for that farmer and the farmer son shit that the government does to people with high functioning Aspergers. Every time you do a drug its like a software update idk how or what they do but i’ve heard its absolutely insane.

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