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Teenagers in France Obtain Fake Cheques from Darknet

It is not surprising that fraud cases aided by the Darknet are rising with each break of dawn. What’s surprising is the fact that teenagers are being lured into the mix. Fake cheques in France have raised many concerns in regard to Darknet counterfeit troubles, and the authorities are working hard to fight these crimes. Many citizens have already been arrested for engaging in fraudulent activities on the Darknet and even more are being arrested.

2 Fake Cheques for 2,500 Euros Chips

Just recently, a young woman living in Grenoble was arrested at Le Pharaon casino in Lyon’s Cité Internaionale district. The arrest came after she had been awarded 2,500 euros in chips. Apparently, the 18 year old woman used the fake tokens at a casino at Le Pharaon. The woman provided two cheques to the employees at the establishment to buy the tokens. The employees grew suspicious and discovered they were counterfeit.

The young woman confessed at the time of her hearing that she obtained the 5 fake tokens from the dark web. She surrendered the cheques to the investigators. She will be judged two months from now, in May.

In another similar scenario, two teenagers bought 15,000 euros of goods with fake cheques which they acquired on the Darknet. The two Cernay teenagers, aged 16 and 17, bought fake identity cards and the fake cheques which they later used to buy game consoles, a used car, a vacuum cleaner, professional coffee machines and several other items. They then rented a cellar which they used to hide the items they had bought.

A vigilant trader in Cernay spotted one of the fake cheques and warned the National Gendarmerie Brigade. According to the trader, the fake cheques matched the fake ID’s issued by the teenagers but the mentioned bank did not correspond to the address on the cheque. The team carried out investigations and, in the process, discovered the cellar where the teenagers had hidden the 15,000 euros worth of equipment.

The two teens admitted that they acquired the fake documents from the Darknet for a few euros. The two were both indicted as they waited for their judgement. According to the Gendarmerie Brigade, the one of the teenagers, the eldest, was placed in a closed educational centre and the second one was placed under judicial control.

Cases of teenagers and young adults participating in illegal activities of the Darknet can be ruled out as ‘young people acting rogue’, but when adults lead the game it becomes a completely different scenario. A French banker was arrested last year for allegedly buying fake euro notes from the Darknet. The suspect, a deputy director of a bank branch, apparently ordered ten fake euro notes from the Darknet. He later admitted to the police that he wanted to use the counterfeit notes to buy cannabis, adding that he burnt nine out of the ten notes after he discovered they were of bad quality.

Less than a year ago, a counterfeit euro buyer was arrested in a joint Austrian and French investigation. The man from Saint-Paul, Réunion, was arrested for buying multiple fake euro bills from the criminal gang. Allegedly, he also sold some of the fake notes to local customers for a profit. The arrest came after the investigation the Austrian authorities contacted the Central Office for Combating Counterfeiting in Paris, France. The Austrian authorities had busted a criminal group in Austria. The criminals had large amounts of counterfeit euro bills of 20, 50 and 100 and were successfully selling them on the Darknet. The group imitated the fake notes using UV fibres similar to those of authentic notes.

France and Austria are not the only affected countries, Germany is too. Two young men were just recently acquitted for allegedly purchasing fake euros on the dark web. One of the suspects admitted that they used Bitcoin to buy the fake euro. The case began about three years ago and by then, only one of the suspects had bought the counterfeit euros from the dark web. The prosecution brought a witness who also happened to be a former girlfriend of one of the defendants, and according to her statement, the second suspect bought the fake cash from the first suspect. She also admitted that she had witnessed her former boyfriend exchange counterfeit currency for real currency.

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