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Pandora Market: Is It Gone?

UpdateMarket is back up:  This was the Statement from the Admin:

Sorry guys, my bad, pandora will be back up soon, just serios technical issues combined with holiday time. I am Sorry for that shit !

The Story before was:

The same ritual every 2 months. So we can’t say that we did not see this one coming… Pandora market the fourth largest market (had around 8000 listings at this time) and one of the oldest post-silk road1 markets which already encountered a fair share of problems, consist of a series of issues during the previous months including the famous “hack” that raised the fees to 25%. Just to name a few:

But the market seems to be down for the past week and we did our best to say nothing until now, but since we receive many emails asking about what happened to Pandora – and we have no idea obviously, we can only assume its something along these lines:


Alice, the market admin is no where to be found, the forums are still though. We could only hope that after the so called hack few months ago there were not so many users on the market so not much money is lost, but since this market was around for a while, and was the fourth largest market according to most of the statistics done during this time, we can safely assume that a large sum of money IS in fact lost – assuming it won’t be back of course.

Even if this market will come back at some point it is advised to proceed with extreme caution in case you decide to keep using this market from some reason (We had a couple of cases where Alice was gone for a while and came back later to fix the issue)

We will try and get some more details and update, but as we experienced from previous marketplace scams that were just “gone” without much notice – like with SheepTormarket and Torescrow, we wont be holding our breathe waiting for followup or any further details.

This post will be updated with a notice in case the market will be back online in the next week or so, if not,  the market will be moved to the dead markets section in the Hidden marketplace list, and will be removed from the sidebar uptime monitor.

How to proceed from here?


1. Start here – Multisig Guides
2. Than Continue to here to the multisig category- Updated List of Hidden Marketplaces

Sorry for those who have their money stuck / lost on Pandora, and hopefully this will be sorted and won’t happen again (but we can safely assume it probably will).


  1. Pandora is back up. A combination of the website owner on holidays and technical issues. It is back 100%

  2. Fuck off Pandora!!!!

    He has me over 5 BTC ripped!!!!

    Fuck the Support, fuck the Side!!!!

  3. Deposit 1.1bc on the 17Aug still not showing up on the site.. Blockchain shows it’s being transferred to multiple accounts…

  4. STAY AWAY FROM PANDORA. Just deposited some bitcoin and the chain shows it being transferred to multiple accounts. Looks like it’s been hacked and there steeling coin.

  5. I deposited a small amount to Pandora 24 hours ago (luckily only 0.06 BTC)and there is no sign of it although its getting passed about all over the place. Only tried it as SR was down, once SR was back I transferred some BTC to them and they showed within 15 mins. STAY AWAY FROM PANDORA!!!!

  6. Orders from usually trusted vendors placed a week ago not picked up. No responses from vendors or customer support. No more Pandora for me ever. Worst of the worst.

  7. does any one no a trust worthy site money lost at pandora

  8. Something new?
    Fuck Alice, fuck pandora and fuck the other scam shops

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