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Alphabay Market Has Reached 200,000 Users

According to a new post made by Alphabay market admins on the market forums:alphabay200k

We reached 200,000 users on the Marketplace just now. On behalf of the entire AlphaBay Staff, we thank you for your ongoing support, faith & effort to shape AlphaBay as it is today – a top-grade black market!

With the help of our community, we will continue to do our best to run AlphaBay for many milestones ahead in a transparent way, accompanied by strong security practices & blazing-fast marketplace speed.

Sincerely Thank You,
AlphaBay Staff

The market have experienced a massive growth after Agora was shut down last month and following a number of market updates who made it faster and better. Alphabay is most likely now in a tight competition with Abraxas Market for the “biggest market” title (this is mainly an assumption since we have no solid data about Abraxas user base, just internal site data about its popularity among our readers)

As far as we can remember – this is the first time that a market’s user count is being shared while the market is still active.

We have reached out to Alphabay Market admins and they have added:

We are happy to see new users who take advantage of the range of functionality we offer. One of the most successful initiatives, ScamWatch, has stopped several vendor exit scams, banned many scammers and continues to offer help to scam victims by processing refund requests from banned vendor balance (by providing the appropriate evidence of course) etc. We are currently working to introduce new exciting features and improvements both in marketplace & forum to increase trust, security and functionality – coming soon.

Thank you.


  1. i love alphabay and its community!! they make me feel comfortable and part of family! looking forward to new functions!

    ~ a most ordinary darknet user

  2. Lol good for them but these guys have stolen more money from customers than the numbers of the actual customers that use the site.

    • MrNatural

      Alpha Bay has been good to me, I got a account on Abraxas and the first BTC I earned was stolen. All came missing, balance History, sale history and BTC from wallet VANISHED!!
      I think you were hacked, AlphaBay is an honest site and I am an honest vendor with a history and a reputation that can be verified.

      WHO ARE YOU!!!!

      • MrSandokan

        lol, you lose money on abraxas and it’s abraxas fault. other people lose money in alphabay and they got hacked?! 404 logic not found, are you AB admin?? xD

  3. These guys have stolen a lot of money from vendors and customers. Just head to their forum and check their helpdesk postings for yourself. They never really fix anything but only close all topics. BE WARNED!

    • Harold Knutzak

      This site didn’t help either. When I wrote a detailed Marketplace review explaining exactly how they scammed me then banned me from the forum for talking about it, DeepDot wouldn’t even print it (or whatever U call this).
      I wonder if they count all the people they scammed that have left as part of their 200K? I know I had 2 identities over there. 2nd one created just to find out what happened to the first.

  4. Time to celebrate 200,000 users milestone :-)

    Time to celebrate 200,000 users milestone by performing a very shifty exit scam :-)

    Alpha02 just and the Crew over at Scam City just got paid big time, you (the user) just doesn’t know it yet :D

    Long Live ALpha02 :))

  5. These Alphas are always good to raise a laugh. True legends (in their own mind), once more blowing their own trumpet. Well, open your own market and fill it with your own scam vendors. If that is no longer working, introduce a scam police and ban these vendor profiles (so they can be replaced with new scam vendors). If people find a market they can rely on, immediately praise yourself as the biggest market and publish that claim anywhere (since nobody could check this anyway).
    Is it that easy? At least it seems so.

  6. comments on ddw crank me up! so much haters against AB but reality is they solve many community issues which throttled Evolution and Agora in forums [only example]

    haters gonna hate!


  7. Congrats
    The bullseye just got bigger. To alpha admins and mods…lawyer up

  8. Congrats to the admin and mods at alpha bay
    time to lawyer up because the bullseye just got alot bigger
    your friendly neighborhood DEA agent

  9. In Alphas defense a lot of these so called ” hacks ” people are whining about is the users fault. They did stupid shit like click on phishing links coming from user pms posing as admin. That along with keeping money on the site with out using 2FA. Learn Opsec 101 before diving into DMs peoples.

    This is the most comical partof the article / ad: ” accompanied by strong security practices ”
    Alpha is the only market I know or have ever known of that has no delete function for user transaction history. All markets permit the deletion of transaction history after a specified time period. Not Alpha Bay.
    First they keep saying they will address it at the ” next update “. Said that for a year. Then said they couldn’t / wouldn’t change it.
    So if you want a constantly building ledger / database of everything you have purchased then by all means become user # 200,001. That or create a new account after each transaction.

  10. Cannot leave out the clear ciphered messaging between seller and buyer. Some on there are so utterly inept. “I do not respond to PGPs Keies from them this have no monies in escrow”

    That response I have over 86 times. I have them all encrypted on an easy to destroy offline always backup.

    NEVER use Alphabay they are rude, no support, 1 vendor can personify 10 or 20,meaning 1 man/woman 20 vendor accounts and they prefer you not PGP your messages to them


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