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Two German Brothers Sentenced For Drug Trafficking

Two brothers (30 and 32 years old) from Fürth Germany (who were not named by the law enforcement authorities and court), were sentenced to 4 years of prison for drug trafficking. According to court documents, the brothers used dark net marketplaces, including Silk Road, to order speed, cannabis and ecstasy, then they resold the drugs on the street (they also consumed a part of it themselves). Prosecutors say that the pair ordered the illegal substances in the time frame between 2012 and 2014.

Court says that the drugs were delivered to their address in Fürth. According to the investigators, the total estimate of the ordered drugs is 1700 grams of cannabis, 1800 grams of amphetamine, 120 ecstasy pills and small amounts of cocaine.

German authorities intercepted a package, which they inspected thoroughly in early 2015 at Schleswig-Holstein. After that, the older brother’s (who was a teacher at the time) apartment was searched by the law enforcement authorities, which resulted in police officers arresting the man at his workplace. A few months later, the younger brother was arrested too. The two brothers pleaded guilty to the charges against them before the 7th Criminal Court of Nüremberg-Fürth.

After the confession by the drug dealer pair, the judge sentenced both men to 4 years of prison and arranged accommodation for them in a rehabilitation facility.


  1. That is harsh for those amounts. Shame on you Germany. Not even really worth alot of money over 2 years… any kind of jail for that is wrong

    • notveryharsh

      its not the weed the judge is punishing them for. its the shipping of the weed thats got them

    • mindchain808

      in germany illegal internet activities were highly punished cause it is mostly pretty hard to prove the identity of somebody and it takes alot of money for the government added to this one of them was a teacher and has worked with children…..

  2. only 4 years? i would think longer.

  3. Yeah they arent getting simple charges for street sales, it is the postal smuggling that got em. How were they caught?

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