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Pedo with the Biggest CP Collection Ever to be Banned from Working

When Christopher Daldorph was arrested last year, the National Crime Agency said they had uncovered the biggest child porn collection they had ever seen. The last 14 years while he was working as a radiographer, Daldorph spent an estimated 14 years searching the deep web for images and videos depicting sex abuse acts on children.

During the search of his home in April, police uncovered 1.8 terabytes of child porn. Daldorph admitted to spending on average two hours each day watching his grotesque collection. Almost all of the material had been found on the deep web, and law enforcement found over a million pictures and videos on his computers and hard drives.

Admitting to the charges right away, Daldorph was jailed for two years and four months; being charged with possessing and admitting ownership of indecent images.

Julien Weinberg, HCPC, confirmed that Daldorph’s registration had been suspended to prevent him from returning to his practice as a radiographer when he is released from incarceration. He was fired from his job at NHS after he was found guilty, and more than likely will be barred by the Health and Care Professionals Council this year.

The ban would ultimately result in Daldorph never being able to work for NHS, or any similar roles for the rest of his life.

With cases such as this, and the deep web related, infamous, Richard Huckle; who was dubbed as Britain’s worst pedophile for being found with thousands of homemade child porn videos and pictures he made himself while he taught English in the far east, it’s no wonder most of the deep webs traffic is thought to be made up of pedophiles and child porn advocates.


  1. two fucking years is that it – the biggest collection they ever seen and two years

    • You know what is really sad is how ‘up-in-arms’ everyone gets over 20-30 year old pedo-photos, yet no one gives a rats-ass about all of the carcinogens that parents, schools, food companies, doctors/pharma-corps are pumping into our kids. WHERE IS THE REAL OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I totally get that exploiting kids is wrong, but in the grand scheme of things, what’s worse…a child rape, or a child cancer death?
      I’ll say it again…


      Do you really want 50k/yr in tax dollars going to jail people for being curious and downloading 20-30 year old photos?

      Oh, I just saw that pedo-comics are being sold. So what’s really offensive here…the real act or the imagery/photos?

      I submit to you that a photo taken 20-30 years ago that some perv-priest (or whoever) has on his computer isn’t harming anyone except for that individuals psyche.

      VICTIMLESS CRIME…look it up sometime!

      Anyway, again, I’m not advocating abusing/exploiting kids, but let’s not abuse curious people by jailing them, and exploit the taxpayers with the corporate jail industry (yes, that’s what it is…research the billion dollar industry sometime)…and also, before any of you holy-roller types get up on your pulpit and declare that so-and-so should be arrested…think to yourself, would you lock someone in your basement for years, give them free medical, free food, plus keep 24 hr guard on them? If you wouldn’t do it, why are you so up-in-arms for other people to do it for you!!! Yes, it’s really easy to be self righteous and say jail the pervs, as long as someone else is doing the work and paying the bills.


  2. As long as the pedo perverts are not harming kids, who cares? Of course, I am not talking about producers of CP, just the consumers; as for the former, they should go to jail, but as for the latter, it is a victimless crime. In fact, the decline in child sexual abuse may be directly correlated with the increased availability of CP. And, what better place to store the garbage than in the Deep Web?

    • wehere do these people even get that sort of thing

    • thinkLogically

      As long as there is a demand (pedophiles), there will be a supply (producers of cp). How is this not common sense lol? “victimless” crime, lmfao. There is no such thing as victimless crime in this case.

      • Fuck you moralist cunts

        Wrong. CP producers are pedophile men and women. Someone who find this material for free being shared on internet shouldn’t be arrested. You fucking moron. You see a lot of illegal shit online like people being tortured and assassinated. I’m not seeing anybody asking to arrest those sickos who watch and download this kind of video.

    • I agree. Looking is not a crime. I am not what I would consider to be a pedophile. But I am curious to see. But the waqy the government is going about it, the only way you can get CP videos is to pay for them. That creates a market. So it is more likely to make it happen.

  3. sanity served are you some kind of moron ? There is no such thing as Child Porn, they are images of children being raped… and each sick fuck that looks at an image is creating a market for further abuse. Victim less crime ?! you fucking idiot. You want to check yourself if you think viewing images of children being raped is harmless.

    ‘the decline in child sexual abuse may be directly correlated with the increased availability of CP’

    read that again you moron…and then maybe throw yourself under a bus

  4. Walt, people are hard-wired to be who they are. You can’t change their sexuality or sexual desires any more than you can turn a black person into a white one. If someone is attracted to videos of a child being raped, how is that any different than someone jacking-off to pictures of dead children? The latter are legal, the former are not.

    As others have pointed out, there is no market for underage pornography. To have a market one must have rules and monetary transactions, and in exchanging child pornography, there are no rules and no one to enforce anything and no money is exchanged, except under very rare circumstances. Therefore, there can be no market, and hence, no market demand for anything.

    • stashed

      I have ran across many places where you could supposedly buy CP videos. Some of them may be legitimate. So the government is actually supporting CP porn. Because they are creating a market. Now if it were free to see, they wouldn’t be creating that market.

  5. People who find cp on the internet are less than peeping toms. After all, peeping toms can harm our children because of their real life contact with them by their voyeurism. People who have perverted thoughts while looking at their computer screen watch stuff that is not there due to their doing although we keep pretending that they somehow caused it’s presence their which of course is nonsense unless they purchased, ordered or traded that horrible stuff.

    Perhaps we should return to the real world and face it: there are millions and millions of them and short of a tiny segmednt, none have done any child any harm.

  6. See these things piss me off. Now I will NEVER say hurting a child is right because it is not. You rape a child one time life in prison. If the child is “underage” but has hit puberty and wants it..several years life it way too much if it is proven the TEEN wants it. Younger than that they cant agree to that. Now atching it is defanitly no where near the same as making the video but that much 14 years? Nd he had money? I guarantee you he found people to make him videos saying what he wanted thats VERY much the same..he requested they offered guaranteed. But first offense just a few imagesover a year or so 2 years is moee like it. Cartoon porn (lolicon) or stories SHUT UP AND LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE. I agree with the guy who commented on that people cant controle how they are they cant. You dont judge gays and others think its crazy and sick..but dont act on it if you do you deserve life with castration. People watch the cartoons or read the stoies and say it helps them not act more power to them. Thats the truth say whag you want.

  7. The hypocrisy of this sickens me; there is a UK database that lists l everyone convicted of child abuse. On that list are many men who have been caught with a mere handful of photos of 13 and 14yr olds in bikinis. Those mens lives are destroyed. However, theres not a straight male who wouldnt glance at the same girl walking along the street wearing shorts and a crop top, but he`ll scream “pedo” when that guy with the photos has his name plastered across the newspapers.

  8. I have read the comments above, and agree with everyone.
    Yes that is possible.
    Let me just say this much…
    I am 35 years old, was sexually abused a number of times by my second eldest brother, when i was somewhere around 4-5 years old.
    Because on this later in life i did not know if i was gay, straight or bi
    for most of my life.
    I know know after 25-30 years i am straight, but i am also something else…
    (i will get back to that in a min).
    What i do know is that despite my own mind betraying me
    once in a while(like sometimes when i am dreaming),
    Here’s a short story, when i was about 14-15 years old
    I was asked to baby sit my friends little sister, who was about 7 or so.
    And she wanted it, like came straight and asked me if i wanted to fool around.(like playing doctor).
    And i shut her down, telling her that i knew she knew better…

    Now not that i haven’t thought about that moment a thousand times,
    Over the years, and have like several fantasies.
    which i have played out in my head to great success many times.
    But i have always, and forever been thankful…
    that i told her to put her underwear back on.
    Who i would have become if i let that happen,
    Then or at any time, would not be someone i could live with being,
    Lucky for me cause i really love living…”and being free is always nice”.
    The point i am trying to make is,
    That even in the face for such adversity and opportunity, i stayed true to who i was and what i knew was right.
    Despite the fact i have never recovered from my won abuse.
    I was homeless for a few years, have been a drug addict for 15 or more years.
    not to mention my brother in question died suddenly with no closure(now ever)
    I can still be proud of who i am.
    Enough that i don’t want to kill myself anymore, and am capable of being as beautiful as the next person… most of the time.
    With all that being said,
    If i chose to steal a child’s innocence like mine was
    I would forever become, the monster that gave me all my difficulties
    Irreparably changing my life.
    Why would i ever want to inflict such horrors on to anybody else.
    To all those fight their demons, good luck with that.
    To those who gave/give in to them, i hope you are caught and rapped in prison for as long as you are there.
    The Cycle of pain, betrayal, shattered minds and destroyed lives
    end with me, and as such i hope for the same from all those left hurting.

    • Shut up fagit. Your brother should have left his dick in your mouth before he died. So you could learn to shut the fuck up

    • Banana McGreggor

      Hurt For Life, you moron, you should’ve taken that opportunity. There’s nothing wrong with a 14 year old and a 7 year old playing around in a consensual manner. There’s nothing wrong with being curious. And shutting her down like that with the excuse of “it isn’t right” just makes her feel ashamed for her natural curiosity. I’m not saying you should’ve tried to fuck her, but you could have had lots of fun with a beautiful young lady and made her happy too. Now, it’s too late. Doing that as an adult is a different matter. In that case, you should only fool around with a kid if you get both the child’s consent, and the parents’. And man, it’s tricky to get parents’ permission to interact sexually with their preteen. It takes quite a lot of careful explanation usually. And sometimes, when you do find parents who get it, their kid is totally uninterested. When you do find that rare horny kid with decent progressive parents; when you can show them that you absolutely have her best interests in mind, it is so worth it though.

      I wonder whatever happened to that poor girl you rejected. Maybe you should look her up and apologize.

      • your an idiot if you think its ok for a 7 year old girl to fool around with anyone her age or older 7 year old shouldnt be thinking of sex if they do they need help, and you sound like a damn pedo saying stuff like “when you do find that rare horny kid with decent progressive parents;when you can show them that you absolutely have her best interests in mind,it is so worth it though” like someone obviously targets little girls.

    • Anonymous

      I can relate word for word. I was forced to sell it. I never desired to do it . But after a while it didn’t bother me to watch it like it did at first.

  9. This unfortunately is a very big problem in society. For that previous person you say that you didn’t act on it but can anybody really trust that? You said that you had the desires and far too many do. We need to wake up and think about potential victims before we go getting all self righteous and saying what we think should happen to abusers. Anyone who says hope they get there just deserts or kill them all or any pompous fucken self righteous bullshit like that is just as guilty of enabling a pedophiles behaviour as anyone. To put the child victims welfare first we must set a precedence that if you have these problems you must report yourself to the police and seek further help from a court of law. They will give it to you and there is plenty of it out there sex offender treatment and such! Come on people! ,Parents, I for one am sick to the stomach of this being the epidemic that it is, let’s pull our heads out of our asses and do something about it!!.

  10. hurt for life

    I am not sure if my reply got thru to be posted,
    So i am going to say it again.
    You can believe what i say because i said it.
    And you have no choice in that because, it’s “innocent until proven guilty”…
    not whatever you think is, is.
    You actually think if i acted on it i would have said anything.
    No, of course not.
    I did not tell my story as briefly as i did
    just to be lying to you and myself.
    I spent enough years in denial about my abuse, and it got me no where.
    It was only when i came to terms with it. did i even stand a chance to heal.
    I have got help with my trauma, and my previous post was meant to put things into perspective for others dealing with the same issues.
    It is because of people like you, that those who need said help don’t seek it.
    Since i was young and i mean young. i have struggled…
    First and foremost with the endless mental trauma which never ends,
    not even 25 years.
    And secondly contending with people the likes of you.
    Shooting your mouth off, like you know whats up…
    When you just f*^king don’t, you have no clue what you are talking about.
    If it were up to the like of you, i would be persecuted for the rest of my life. Not for anything i did, on the contrary for that which was done to me.
    Those in need of help don’t seek it because of goofs like you trying to say they belong on some sort of watch list,
    AS far as i am concerned you are a far bigger threat then me…
    As i have face my shit, and you are the one looking for a scapegoat.
    To carry off your sins, uhmmm i wonder what they are…
    never mind no i don’t,

  11. I used to turn in pedos the the FBI on a weekly basis that my webcrawler found. They would always say thank you but it never seemed to go anywere…. Last month I run accross some of their machines with mod_info or webalizer leaking tier real IPs and they haosted clearnet domain which geolocated to califorinia (land of the fruits and nuts) in the LA/Hollywood area. After two complaints, since they were acivly creating content according to the logs, THE FBI BLOCKED MY EMAIL. Not kidding at all I wish i was.

    • jeff

      Lol they are making the content. They have done this in every field. If there is no need for a police action, they will create the action. The Gov. creates and maintains cp sites as traps for would be offenders. Even if there are no offenders – curious people stumble upon the trap. The police arrest you for looking at a 20 year old picture. The prison industry if funded .

  12. i do not pay for pics and videos of child sex.all my stuff was free.besides i am having sex with a 10 year old and a 12 year old.their mother offered to allow me to do this.the mother actually trained both girls.both girls provide me with much better sex any adult could ever provide.twice i have particapated in gang bangs involving at least 20 men on one girl.it was so fun the girls swallowed as much cum as they could,lots of cum in their little pussies and asses.we are having another orgy today. their will be about 100 men and 50 girls under 12 years old.can hardly wait to lick some child pussy.i will only have sex with children

  13. Hey if they are Islamic terrorists children fuck them that what their dads are doing give it back film it sell it and help those Christian children who they raped and the familys

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