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Man with “Pedophile Guide” Handed 8-Year Prison Sentence

A 25-year-old man has been sentenced to eight years in federal prison and a subsequent 20 years of supervised release, for possessing child pornographic material. James Daosaeng, a Fort Smith native, also received a $4,900 fine in addition to his prison sentence. Reports state that Daosaeng had over 14,000 files of child pornography and images of tortured children in his possession.

To make matters worse he stored it on a Nintendo DS game console memory card, a SanDisk thumb drive and a tablet. He was sentenced to prison on August 29 by Judge Timothy L. Brooks. Daosaeng will also not be getting back to his old ways anytime soon as he was banned by Judge Brooks from any unsupervised contact with minors and also, banned from internet access without his probation officer’s approval.

Daosaeng admitted to one count of receiving child pornography in March, after initially being arraigned for one count of possessing child porn and four counts of receiving child pornography back in January. Three counts of receiving child pornography were wiped away, as part of his plea agreement. Court documents in the U.S. government’s case filed against Daosaeng revealed that he had a folder, full of manual instructions about how to commit successful child pornography trade on the dark web. This was on his tablet. He also had folders with names like “suck in school” and “LittleGirlz.” A folder which was named ‘Pedophile Guide’ was also found by federal agents, which had a detailed procedure on how to have sex with young girls.

The 25-year-old was looking at a 20-year prison sentence, coupled with a $250,000 fine in his case. Or so he thought after agents of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force discovered from his house in Springdale, a few miles away from Fort Smith, that 13,791 pictures and 947 recordings, including child torture had been posted to a dark web marketplace. Daosaeng walked home to find agents raiding him, with a warrant on his home on January 18. Daosaeng later confessed to using the dark web for all his wrongdoings.

State prosecutors called on a sentence of 12 to 15 years in prison, stressing on the fact that, Daosaeng’s possession of 13,291 images and 940, a serious crime no doubt, and that his punishment should reflect on that. According to court documents, most of the children in his collection were infants and young teens.

Daosaeng’s defense team, however, requested a five-year prison sentence, contending that their client, had no contact with any minor and has no history of sexual abuse. They went ahead to say that, the claim that their client had “the material in order to entice a child,” had no evidence to back it up.

Additional reports suggest that Daosaeng, previously worked for the Arkansas Army Guard, before he was apprehended. He had been sitting in jail in the Washington County (Arkansas) Detention Center since his guilty plea on March 29, according to jail records.

Daosaeng conviction now adds to the long list of child offenders caught in the month of August alone. A day after Daosaeng was sentenced to prison, a 36-year-old Zachariah Jacob Schultz, from Sioux Falls pleaded guilty to double-digit charges of possessing child pornography. Schultz was charged back in December last year, after the police searched his home and confiscated his laptops and thumb drives. He admitted to two counts of possessing child porn, down from 10 counts, as part of his plea deal.

On August 29 again, Michael Augustin, a 45-year-old from Fort Collins, together with six other culprits were sentenced to prison for partaking in a global child exploitation conspiracy, the U.S. Department of Justice announced. The computer engineer, pleaded out insteaded. He was charged with conspiracy to produce child pornography and conspiracy to receive and distribute child pornography. He was handed a 25-year prison sentence by U.S. District Judge Richard M. Gergel for the District of South Carolina and is also expected to be on a lifetime of supervised release.

According to court documents, 91 victims from 28 states in the U.S. and also in Canada were identified. Augustin and his fellow co-conspirators between July 2014 and April 2015, operated a password-protected dark web site, which was accessible to only a group of people and targeted and sexually exploited little girls.

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