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RCMP continues cracking down with the arrest of a dark web drug trafficker

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), in collaboration with the Serious and Organized Crime (SOC), has responded to the recent high influx of drugs into the country by engaging in a severe crackdown. According to a report, the joint operation led to the arrest of three active dark web drug vendors and seizure of a bunch of drugs. The action which happened on 29 November 2018 did not only put illegal drug vendors behind bars but also sent a strong message to all illicit drug distributors on the unyielding efforts of authorities to meet them with the full force of the law.

Authorities executed two search warrants which led to the seizure of dark web related drugs such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and MDMA. Authorities claimed that the arrested trio was responsible for many drug transactions worldwide. Also, they contributed to the high record of drug overdose deaths across the country. Authorities also acquired couriers and other devices that facilitated their drug dealings. The RCMP had earlier intercepted many packages of drugs that were being sent either out of the country or into the country.

Authorities confiscated two assault-style riffles, ten handguns, and hundreds of ammunition rounds. Also, the joint operation led to the seizure of pill press computers and materials which were used to facilitate this illegal drug operation. According to reports, one of the arrested suspects was a 22-year-old female from Toronto. It has been reported that her first court appearance has been scheduled for 9 January 2019. Her name was not revealed. According to a source, authorities released her on the promise that she will appear at the court.

Darius Jankaitis, 23, is one of the arrested dark web vendors in the joint operation and, also, faces five charges and will be prosecuted if found guilty. He was charged with possession with the intent to distribute controlled substances which flout the Controlled Drug and Substance Act. He has also been charged with trafficking of controlled substance X 6 and unlawful possession of a restricted weapon which flouts the CDSA and Criminal Code of Canada (CCC) respectively. Finally, Jankaitis was charged with unlawful possession of prohibited weapons and other firearm-related charges including careless or unsafe storage of firearms and ammunition.

The last suspect, Marko Shkinly, 23, from Mississauga has been charged with three offenses. He was charged with possession of controlled substance with the intent to distribute, trafficking controlled substance X 6, flouting the CDSA, and operating a motor vehicle while disqualified.

Inspector Gord Cobey, the officer in charge of the Toronto West RCMP SOC. assured Canadians that his team would continue to identify, disrupt, and dismantle all forms of criminal groups that are constantly importing dangerous drugs and weapons into the community. In the statement, he commended the Toronto police, the law enforcement partners, and the investigation team for their tireless effort to bring the drug vendors under the authority of the law.

A few years ago, the Canadian authorities sought to control the high influx of illegal drugs into the country by tackling the source of these drugs. Since most of the drugs are manufactured and shipped from China, the Canadian authorities decided to partner with the Chinese government to facilitate the fight against illicit drugs. However, it has been said that China does not focus enough on some drugs, apart from methamphetamine and ketamine which are listed as controlled substances. One other challenge was that the population size of China made it difficult to trace and identify the producers of such dangerous drugs. However, the Chinese government has been able to engage in successful crackdowns.

Canada, at a point, hosted most of the numerous dark web drug vendors. RCMP’s national headquarters and municipal police forces hinted that drug buyers and sellers have moved from the street to the dark web. In response, the authorities have previously launched crackdowns and mounted strategies that have successfully fished a number of the criminals out of their hideouts. It is expected more effective efforts will be put in place in the days ahead to protect vulnerable citizens from the danger that comes with illicit arms and drug dealings.

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