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A German Arrested for Buying Amphetamine and Hashish on Darknet

Even though the dark web is continuously giving law enforcement agencies a hard time tracking down criminals who trade illegal products and services on the anonymous platform, the German police seem to be making steady steps towards the fight. Their investigations have led to the arrest of a 26-year-old male suspect who has been conducting illegal drug trade on the dark web. The suspect in question is already in police custody for allegedly possessing large quantities of narcotics.

The investigating agents got wind of an order apparently from the accused, an order that contained large quantities of amphetamines. Consequently, they obtained a search warrant for his residence.

The search went down on Wednesday afternoon. A kilogram of marijuana, 150g of hashish and an additional 120g of amphetamines were seized from the suspect’s house, alongside electronic evidence.

On the same day the suspect was arrested, the prosecutor ordered that he be presented in court before the judge. The prosecutor told the court how influential the suspect is which could jeopardize the ongoing investigation. Consequently, the judge ordered that the suspect be detained prior to his trial, given the fact that he was in possession of huge quantities of narcotics. The suspect is now being held in a correctional facility awaiting the hearing.

Germany is Fighting the Dark Web

According to the investigation, the suspect is believed to be part of an organized drug cartel which was dismantled by a joint operation. Early this month, the joint operation, comprised of Dutch and German authorities with additional help from Europol, successfully brought down an international criminal gang that operated on the dark web and was apparently trafficking drugs and laundering money.

In the operation, MDMA, amphetamines, ecstasy, and heroine worth well over €400,000 were seized. The drugs are said to have been paid for using cryptocurrency and delivered to potential customers through postal services. So far, more than 12 suspects have been arrested.

In yet another operation nicknamed “clear the dark net” and conducted by over 200 Munich police officers, an exercise that also involved Munich’s customs and prosecutors in taking down dark web drug vendors resulted in numerous arrests.

Close to 50 vendors and customers were arrested, with amphetamines, ecstasy in the form of crystalline MDMA, LSD tabs, marijuana, cocaine, Ritalin tabs, firearms, vehicles, bitcoins, and opioids seized in the exercise.

In another successful raid, German authorities, drawn from law enforcement and customs officers, arrested 28 suspects, most of whom were buyers of dark web drugs. In the operation, MDMA, ecstasy pills, amphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, LSD tabs, and Ritalin tabs were confiscated.

More Arrests, Few Convictions

Despite the many arrests made in Germany as a result of the war on dark web drugs, few convictions have been realized as most cases are still active in courts. However, in 2015, a 20-year-old dark web drug trafficker was convicted and sentenced to seven years behind bars. Although it didn’t seem like a fair sentence, given the nature of his crime, it is still considered as the “biggest trial” ever for dark web-related crimes in Germany.

In most cases involving online dark web drugs, the customs department can’t go unmentioned. If the war is to be successful, then customs must be vigilant as drugs are ferried right under their noses. If they can be keener with scrutinizing packages sent through their offices, then the narrative may change.

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