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Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 23.3.2019

Bitcoin has been trading above $4,000 all through last week’s trading sessions. The market continued on moving through the new rising channel we spotted during last week’s bitcoin price analysis. A week high of $4,146 was recorded on Thursday, before a downwards price correction attempt became evident pulling bitcoin price down to record a week low of $4,044. The bullish ... Read More »

Gambrills Man Jailed for Purchasing $10,000 Worth of Fentanyl using Bitcoin on Dark Web

A Gambrills based man charged with the distribution of fentanyl was sentenced to a four year and eight month jail term last Friday. 25-year-old Robert Luke Simpson will spend a total of 57 months in jail and an additional “3 years of supervised release”. U.S. District Court Judge George L. Russell III sentenced Simpson for possession of fentanyl and further ... Read More »

Belgian Government Successfully Auctions 315 Seized Bitcoins

The Belgium Federal Government successfully auctioned 315 bitcoins, earning them a great return of $420,000 which is equivalent to £300,000. This amount was acquired through a 24-hour period from individuals originating from 110 countries. The sale marked the biggest ever bitcoin auction held in the history of independent auction agencies. These bitcoins are the proceeds resulting from dark web related ... Read More »

Dark web gun purchase hit a new level as Orange County security guard sentenced for buying gun on dark web

Orange County’s Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse has sentenced a man to prison for surfing the dark web to purchase a machine gun. Hamid Kadir, a former translator of the Australian Special Force, was not off the hook after he pleaded guilty to the charges. His arrest was orchestrated by an undercover agent mandated to patrol the dark side of the ... Read More »

Leader to an Elmira Dark Web Opioid Trafficking Ring Sentenced to Over 17 Years in Federal Prison

According to an announcement by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Western District of New York, a 31-year-old man from Elmira who, with a co-conspirator, headed an opioid dark web trafficking ring was sentenced to 17 years and six months in federal prison. The sentence was issued after the man was found guilty of conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute ... Read More »

From Crpyto-Vanguard to Criminal Mastermind – Before DNMs, There Was Paul Le Roux

“With his imposing 350-pound physique, anvil-shaped forehead, and blue-black eyes that gleam like lit cigarettes, [Le Roux] strides into a room and takes command, projecting the menacing gravitas of an absolutely powerful medieval monarch, a Gilded Age robber baron, or a Wagnerian antihero.” ― image from the cover of “Hunting LeRoux” by Elaine Shannon and William Morrow Before the Iranian ... Read More »

Liverpool Man Handed Shorter Sentence after Purchasing Chinese Synthetic Drugs on Dark Web

A Liverpool man who pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute illegal drugs and money laundering has managed to escape a lengthy prison sentence. Khalid Azzam was given a four year prison sentence due to the First Step Act introduced by President Donald Trump recently. Azzam was arrested for purchasing fentanyl and other synthetic drugs from a vendor in China through ... Read More »

Tattoo Business Owner Arrested for Underground Heroin Business

The owner of a tattoo business in Chandler was arrested for allegedly being connected to an illicit dark web drug business. According to the FBI, Jason Arnold conducted his legitimate business known as Damaged Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing on the ground floor of a building next to 4913 S Alma School Road and 2130 W Chandler Boulevard Road. A ... Read More »

Tennessee Resident Arrested for Purchasing Meth on the Darknet

A 68-year-old male resident of Claiborne County, East of Tennessee, was arrested for purchasing illegal drugs on the dark web and using postal services to deliver them to his home. Gene E. Schneff would buy large quantities of crystal meth from a darknet drug vendor based in San Diego, California. He would then stock them in his spacious mobile home ... Read More »


Dark Web Drug Ads Discovered in Online Classified Sections of B.C. News Sites Despite Illegal Drug Warnings

Despite the strict regulations against illegal online drug sales and the execution of many operations to crackdown dealers in these dangerous networks, two online newspapers were found to have displayed ads for illegal drugs sold on the dark web. The Kelowna Capital News and Similkameen Spotlight featured the ads in the classified section of their websites. In attempt to explain ... Read More »

A 23-Year-Old Styrian Admits Buying Large Amounts of Various Drugs on the Dark Web

German authorities seem to be making steady steps in the fight against darknet illegal trade. In a statement, the authorities say a Styrian has been arrested in the district of Liezen. According to the statement, the suspect was apprehended for ordering drugs on the darknet. The customs authorities stumbled on a suspicious package that triggered a police search, and upon ... Read More »

Bitcoin price weekly analysis 17.3.2019

Bitcoin price managed to successfully stabilize above the $4,000 mark during most of last week’s trading sessions. The week started by a downwards price correction attempt that pulled bitcoin price to record a week low of $3,897 on Tuesday. Thereafter, bitcoin price began rising steadily recording a week high of $4,100 on Saturday. The market is clearly bullish now and ... Read More »

A 44-year-old Italian Man Arrested over Sale of Fentanyl on the Dark Web

A 44-year-old man has been arrested by the anti-narcotics police for procuring illegal narcotic drugs online from dark web markets. The drugs were shipped from Canada through postal services and allegedly paid for using virtual currencies. The Italian dark web drug trafficker from Cinisello Balsamo (Milan) was arrested by the carabinieri dell’antidroga Milanese (The Milan Anti-narcotic Police) for buying and ... Read More »