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73 Suspects Already Arrested in Serbian Dark Web Cybercrime Joint Investigations

A team of experts from Eastern European countries including Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro has been formed to investigate cybercrime and financial crimes. The team that was commissioned on Monday, April 8, in Belgrade has representatives from the police, digital forensics experts, prosecutors, judges, and experts from money laundering units. The operation ends on April 11. The exercise dubbed ... Read More »

Four Arrested in Spain for Reselling MDMA and Viagra from the Dark Web

Law enforcement in Valencia, Spain, arrested four suspected drug dealers for allegedly conspiring to purchase MDMA, ketamine, Viagra, and other substances from vendors on dark web marketplaces and then selling the drugs throughout Valencia. According to a statement from authorities in Spain, the investigation began in 2018 after the police arrested an individual at a music festival for suspected drug ... Read More »

Whitman Man Arrested for Being in Possession of THC-Infused Beverages

A 35-year-old male from Whitman, Washington, was arrested after being found in possession of more than 100 containers of drinks infused with marijuana Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Derek Sheehan would make the drinks and infuse them with marijuana THC obtained from the dark web. He would then store them in his house from where he would distribute them to customers as per ... Read More »

Three Arrested for Selling MDMA and Ketamine on the Dark Web

Law enforcement in Massachusetts seized more than 24 pounds of drugs during the execution of two search warrants in connection with an investigation into a prolific dark web drug dealer. On March 27, both state and federal law enforcement officers executed search warrants at locations in Stoughton and Brockton. During the course of their searches, the police found a total ... Read More »

Couple arrested for selling and shipping counterfeited fentanyl-containing opioid pills, to darknet customers

A man living in Glendale along with his pregnant girlfriend have been prosecuted via a federal illicit drug trafficking case. The couple were accused of selling counterfeited opioid pills via the dark web and distributing them via postal services all over the country. The 26 year old male, Jacob Medina, as well as his pregnant girlfriend, Diane Marin, were both ... Read More »

Trio That Used the Dark Web to Sell Ecstasy and Ketamine Arrested

Three Brockton men accused of dark web drug trafficking were arrested following an investigation by state police detectives and federal agents. The men allegedly run the operation from a storage unit in Stoughton, accepted payments in bitcoin and used the postal system to distribute the drugs to customers from all parts of the US. The trio’s arrest reportedly resulted in ... Read More »

Tattoo Business Owner Arrested for Underground Heroin Business

The owner of a tattoo business in Chandler was arrested for allegedly being connected to an illicit dark web drug business. According to the FBI, Jason Arnold conducted his legitimate business known as Damaged Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing on the ground floor of a building next to 4913 S Alma School Road and 2130 W Chandler Boulevard Road. A ... Read More »

Tennessee Resident Arrested for Purchasing Meth on the Darknet

A 68-year-old male resident of Claiborne County, East of Tennessee, was arrested for purchasing illegal drugs on the dark web and using postal services to deliver them to his home. Gene E. Schneff would buy large quantities of crystal meth from a darknet drug vendor based in San Diego, California. He would then stock them in his spacious mobile home ... Read More »

A 44-year-old Italian Man Arrested over Sale of Fentanyl on the Dark Web

A 44-year-old man has been arrested by the anti-narcotics police for procuring illegal narcotic drugs online from dark web markets. The drugs were shipped from Canada through postal services and allegedly paid for using virtual currencies. The Italian dark web drug trafficker from Cinisello Balsamo (Milan) was arrested by the carabinieri dell’antidroga Milanese (The Milan Anti-narcotic Police) for buying and ... Read More »

A German Arrested for Buying Amphetamine and Hashish on Darknet

Even though the dark web is continuously giving law enforcement agencies a hard time tracking down criminals who trade illegal products and services on the anonymous platform, the German police seem to be making steady steps towards the fight. Their investigations have led to the arrest of a 26-year-old male suspect who has been conducting illegal drug trade on the ... Read More »

Seven Arrested in Spain for Purchasing Counterfeit Notes via the Darknet

Spain’s National Police arrested seven people accused of purchasing counterfeit euro notes from an Austrian darknet counterfeit notes vendor that was arrested in 2018. The suspects were arrested in the Ciudad Real, Madrid, Zaragoza, and Lerida provinces of Spain. In a statement, the National Police said that the arrests were a result of the second phase of an internationally coordinated ... Read More »