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Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 23.3.2019

Bitcoin has been trading above $4,000 all through last week’s trading sessions. The market continued on moving through the new rising channel we spotted during last week’s bitcoin price analysis. A week high of $4,146 was recorded on Thursday, before a downwards price correction attempt became evident pulling bitcoin price down to record a week low of $4,044. The bullish ... Read More »

Gambrills Man Jailed for Purchasing $10,000 Worth of Fentanyl using Bitcoin on Dark Web

A Gambrills based man charged with the distribution of fentanyl was sentenced to a four year and eight month jail term last Friday. 25-year-old Robert Luke Simpson will spend a total of 57 months in jail and an additional “3 years of supervised release”. U.S. District Court Judge George L. Russell III sentenced Simpson for possession of fentanyl and further ... Read More »


Research: Identifying bitcoin addresses linked to transactions on darknet marketplaces and other Tor hidden services

Due to its pseudo-anonymous nature and decentralized infrastructure, bitcoin has been exploited in darknet marketplaces which facilitate the trading of a myriad of illegal products and services, including illicit drugs, stolen personal data, weapons, hacking tools, and more. The history of bitcoin transactions is recorded on a public ledger, known as the blockchain. However, the real world identity of a ... Read More »

Bitcoin price weekly analysis 17.3.2019

Bitcoin price managed to successfully stabilize above the $4,000 mark during most of last week’s trading sessions. The week started by a downwards price correction attempt that pulled bitcoin price to record a week low of $3,897 on Tuesday. Thereafter, bitcoin price began rising steadily recording a week high of $4,100 on Saturday. The market is clearly bullish now and ... Read More »

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Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 9.3.2018

Even though bitcoin price dropped down to a week low of $3,767 in the beginning of last week’s trading sessions, it rose steadily thereafter to record a week high of $3,997.4 on Thursday. Bitcoin price has been rising along the upwards trend line we spotted during last week’s bitcoin price analysis, despite overshooting temporarily below it last Monday. The 23.6% ... Read More »

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Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 4.3.2019

Bitcoin price has been relatively stable last week, ranging between $3,900 and $3,980 during most of the week’s trading sessions. Even though bitcoin price was moving sideways around $3,900 during most of the week, it dropped down to record a week low of $3,761 on Wednesday. The 23.6% Fibonacci retracement ($3,778.5) supported bitcoin price and prevented further drop, even though ... Read More »

Ontario’s Attorney General Moves for the Forfeiture of 288 Bitcoin Seized from a Dark Web Drug Dealer

The government of Ontario, through its attorney general, is looking to acquire a forfeiture order against 288 bitcoins seized in the first bitcoin seizure ever by Canadian law enforcement. The bitcoins in question were seized from a dark web drug dealer in 2015. The bitcoin was seized following the dealer’s arrest after his attempt to purchase a Glock through the ... Read More »

A Ring of Fraudsters that Laundered Profits Using Bitcoin Busted

An announcement made by the US Department of Justice disclosed that a multi-year, multi-agency joint operation made up of U.S. law enforcement agencies led by the U.S. Secret Service and other international agencies dismantled a ring of fraudsters that operated from Romania. The ring allegedly had 20 members, 16 of which were foreigners. The ring targeted American victims through online ... Read More »

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Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 25.2.2019

Bitcoin price began recovering last week, as the bearish wave, which has been controlling the market during the past few weeks, lost its momentum. The week started by bitcoin price breaking through the resistance around $3,778.5, which corresponds to the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement, during Monday’s trading sessions. The upwards momentum continued on pushing bitcoin price to higher level, and a ... Read More »

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Assessing the relationship between bitcoin price dynamics and global financial markets

Since its birth, bitcoin has evolved to become a fascinating asset in global financial markets. Bitcoin’s extreme price swings have urged many researchers and financial observers to study its price dynamic and to attempt to correlate it with traditional financial markets. A recently published research study attempts to analyze the effects of global financial markets’ macroeconomic influences on the price ... Read More »

An overview of bitcoin ransomware attack campaigns

According to a research study conducted by Cybersecurity Ventures in 2017, a business is compromised by a ransomware attack every 40 seconds, and this rate is estimated to increase up to an attack every 14 seconds in 2019. Businesses have been forced to pay cybercriminals up to $1 million within a single ransomware attack, whereas others suffered losses that summed ... Read More »

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Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 17.2.2019

Bitcoin price has been relatively stable last week, ranging between $3,750 and $3,631 throughout the week’s trading sessions. The market’s bulls failed to break through the resistance around $3,778.5, which corresponds to the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level. As we stated during last week’s bitcoin price analysis, this resistance level is gaining more strength, especially that it had not been breached ... Read More »

Man from Miami Beach Apprehended for Unlawful Exchange of Bitcoin for Cash

A web designer from Miami Beach is facing prosecution in the Third District Court for selling bitcoin to Ricardo Arias, an undercover detective. Michell Espinoza, aged 35, was charged with taking part in illegal transmitting and laundering of bitcoin worth $1,500. Detectives began to pursue Espinoza in 2014 when he was advertising himself as a bitcoin seller through the crypto-exchange ... Read More »

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Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 13.2.2019

Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 12.2.2019 By Tamer Sameeh Bitcoin price began recovering during the second half of last week, recording a week high of $3,800 on Friday. After dropping down to a week low of $3,405 on Wednesday, a new bullish wave was ignited, pushing bitcoin price upwards to break through the resistance around $3,600. The week low was ... Read More »

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Exploring the best means for estimating bitcoin price volatility – A research study

It is inarguable that cryptocurrencies, namely bitcoin, have attracted considerable attention during the past few years. This can be attributed to the innovative features of their underlying blockchain technology, the anonymity of their transactions and their decentralized framework that omits the need for intermediaries or third parties. However, being a highly volatile investment asset, many individuals are reluctant to participate ... Read More »