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Texan Charged with Attempted Murder for Planning to Rape and Eat a Child

A man from Shelby County, Texas, was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation after allegedly arranging to sexually assault, kill, and cannibalize the daughter of someone he had met on a darkweb forum. According to a criminal complaint, a member of the Homeland Security Investigations’ Child Exploitation Task Force in Florida discovered a post on a darkweb forum posted ... Read More »

Florida Teacher Admits Paying for Child Abuse Content on the Internet

A teacher from Broward county pleaded guilty to a single count of possession of child pornography stemming from his use of a Bulgarian-based child pornography website and several accounts on darkweb forums promoting the sexual abuse of children. The case was led by Homeland Security Investigations and Interpol provided the information that led to the investigation into the high school ... Read More »

Alleged Admin of a Child Abuse Forum on the Darkweb Arrested in France

A joint operation between the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Europol, and other international law enforcement agencies led to the arrest of a man living in France who had been operating a child abuse forum on the darkweb, a prosecutor in France confirmed. Prior to the investigation conducted by international law enforcement agencies, the man had been living a quiet life ... Read More »

Saudi Man Admits Paying for “Sadistic” Child Pornography with Cryptocurrency

In a court in the Eastern District of Virginia, a Saudi national admitted downloading child abuse content from a darkweb platform that provided illegal content to paying members. The announcement, published on the Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs’ website, highlighted the fact that the defendant had “paid cryptocurrency” to access this darkweb platform in search of illegal pictures ... Read More »

Canadian Bus Driver Sentenced to 39 Months for Sharing Child Pornography

During a recent hearing in a Canadian courtroom, Justice Allan Maclure sentenced a former member of the darkweb child abuse forum “Childs Play” to prison for 39 months. The man, a former school bus driver from London, had pleaded guilty to possessing, distributing, or creating child pornography at an earlier court appearance. The convicted pedophile received a significantly shorter prison ... Read More »

Man Used Mega and Protonmail to Download and Share Child Abuse Pictures

In a statement to the press, United States Attorney Andrew E. Lelling announced the arrest of an employee of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra for one count of possession of child pornography and one count of of receipt of child pornography. The suspected pedophile had been downloading child abuse content from darkweb sites and uploading the pictures to an encrypted storage ... Read More »

Pedophile Avoids Jail in Darkweb Child and Animal Abuse Case

After a jury at Worcester Crown Court found a local pedophile guilty of three counts of producing child abuse images and one count of possession of an “extreme pornagraphic” picture depicting the abuse of an animal, a recorder sentenced the man to a two-year suspended sentence. The man had downloaded an unknown number of explicit pictures involving children from the ... Read More »

Arkansas Man Sentenced to 96 Months for Downloading Child Pornography

In an Arkansas courtroom, Judge Timothy L. Brooks sentenced a Springdale man to 96 months in federal prison for downloading and viewing child abuse content from dark web forums and other file sharing networks. The case made headlines for the usual reasons and, perhaps, for an unusual reason; the convicted pedophile stored child abuse content on an SD card in ... Read More »

Ohio Man Admits Downloading Child Pornography in Playpen Case

One of the five men arrested in southern Ohio as part of a Federal Bureau of Investigation operation that targeted members of a dark web child abuse forum pleaded guilty to the receipt and possession of child pornography. The man, a 34-year-old from Fairfield, Ohio, fought the government at every possible turn, making this case one of the lengthiest cases ... Read More »

High School Teacher Arrested for Downloading and Sharing Child Porn

An investigation into a user of the messaging application “Kik Messenger” led to the arrest of a high school math teacher who had been downloading child abuse content on the dark web and then sharing the illegal content with other users of Kik Messenger. Kik Interactive, a Canadian company, reached out to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Canadian Police ... Read More »

Rock Band Releases New Album Wages War on Dark Web Child Porn

Leon Varres and his rock band REVOLVER 357 released an album targeted at the dark web. Their album is called “Greatest Hits”. This band have set their sight to not only become successful in rock but also wage war against darknet child pornography sites. “We did not set up this band to just to conquer the world with great shows ... Read More »

Illinois Man Forgot to Delete Child Porn from Pawned Computer

A Marquette Heights pedophile was sentenced to five years in prison for the possession of child pornography. He downloaded the illegal content from dark web child abuse sites and forgot to thoroughly clean his hard drive before selling his computer at a pawn shop in Pekin, Illinois. A 24-year-old from the Illinois city of Marquette Heights named Alexander Krohn downloaded ... Read More »

NASA Contractor Downloaded Child Porn on His NASA-Issued Laptop

According to an announcement from the United States Attorney’s Office of the Middle District of Florida, a Brevard County NASA contractor used his NASA-issued laptop to access child abuse content on the darkweb. The contractor was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography on August 7, 2018. United States Attorney Maria Chapa Lopez, in an announcement published on the ... Read More »

Toilet Cam Pedophile Admits Using Dark web Child Abuse Sites

In Waukesha County, Wisconsin, an 18-year-old restaurant employee landed in hot water after a co-worker discovered hidden cameras he had installed in the employee restroom. Like the other “toilet-cam” pedophiles, this teenager openly told the police that he had actively used darknet child pornography sites to share and download child abuse content along with non-consensual “intimate representation” videos. After a ... Read More »

Florida Pedophile Downloaded Child Abuse Pictures via Verizon Cellphone

A city employee of St. Augustine, Florida, had allegedly downloaded hundreds of child abuse pictures and videos from darknet sites before a so-called “cyber-tip” led to his arrest. Florida law enforcement, after receiving the tips and conducting an investigation based on the evidence provided by the tipster, raided the man’s home and seized the 37-year-old’s phones and computers. After discovering ... Read More »