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EU’s Project Against Dark Web Crimes Enters Practical Phase

A research project funded and launched by the European Union in May 2017 to develop technical tools to help law enforcement agencies combat crimes carried out via the darknet using cryptocurrencies has entered its practical phase. On completion in April 2020 and if successful, the project will well equip law enforcement agencies in the fight against all darknet crimes and ... Read More »

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Research: Using cryptocurrencies over the dark web in money laundering crimes

The major technological advancements we experienced recently have totally transformed personal and financial relationships taking place across the globe. During the past few years, people developed means to communicate and transact with high levels of privacy and anonymity. The dark web, including anonymous networks such as Tor, enables people to communicate in an anonymous, almost totally untraceable manner. Moreover, cryptocurrencies, ... Read More »

CoinFlux CEO Arrested in Romania for Alleged Crimes in the US

The Romanian Organized Crime Brigade and United States Secret Service arrested the CEO of a Romanian cryptocurrency exchange for computer fraud, money laundering, and several similar charges. United States authorities worked with law enforcement in Romania to arrest Vlad Nistor, the CEO of CoinFlux. Now, according to numerous Romanian news outlets, the United States Department of Justice is working to ... Read More »

Italy to hold a Series of Meetings over Dark Web Crimes

Three consecutive meetings are scheduled in Genoa, an ancient port city in Italy. The gracious venue for the meetings, which are of high caliber in relation to matters of the online space, will be the Salone Orientamenti. The aim of these planned sessions and the reason for which they were instigated is to bring to the table a meaningful discussion ... Read More »

Reasons why Bitcoin crimes has reduced when compared to the previous year

The relevance of cryptocurrency in the world economy is increasing and many believe that bitcoin and crime go hand-in-hand because blockchain technology does not need any formal registration before one could create an account. However, it could be noted that an official of the US Drug Enforcement Agency had last month said that cryptocurrency crimes dropped by 80% with bitcoin contributing only 10% of such crimes presently, irrespective of its large volume of trades and holders. This could be seen by the publication on cointelegraph that US DEA crypto crimes dropped by 80%. Here are several reasons that Bitcoin crimes are reducing tremendously: There ... Read More »

Bolivia Police arrests 60 people for Cryptocurrency crimes

Bolivia is one of the countries that has closed its doors to the discussion on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, although it still cannot avoid its use. Before the prohibition by the authorities, illegal businesses rose out within the realm of cryptocurrencies. This has been confirmed after the report that 60 arrests of supposed promoters of fraudulent businesses with digital currencies ... Read More »

US Attorney’s Office in Colorado Preparing to Prosecute Darknet and Bitcoin Crimes

An acting US attorney for the state of Colorado announced a new branch of the Colorado U.S. Attorney’s Office’s Criminal Division aimed at tackling cybercrime with a group of highly trained investigators. Acting U.S. Attorney Bob Troyer set up a six-attorney unit after looking at child exploitation statistics dating back to 2012. They also evaluated other forms of cybercrime dating ... Read More »

Officers In Bengaluru Report 100% Increase in Drug Crimes From 2015

In Bengaluru, India, police officers reported a 100 percent increase in the number of narcotic-related arrests during 2016, compared to the arrest numbers from 2015. In 2016, officers arrested 289 individuals, both buyers and sellers. In stark contrast, officers only busted 141 people in 2015. The type of drug remained the same—from marijuana to LSD. Police attributed the increase to ... Read More »

Europol Gets Help From a Member of the Swedish Police to Fight Darknet Crime

Europol in the Netherlands announced a new addition to the crime fighting taskforce. The employee, a commissioner with a background in intelligence work with the Stockholm police, was enlisted to help fight crime on the darknet. The article announcing the new role spoke of the unique position Ericsson would be playing. Europol had been facing an influx of terrorism-related crime ... Read More »

ICE Talks About Investigating Deepweb Crimes and Taking Down Silk Road

In a special exposé published by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), agents “exposed” ICE’s role in darknet investigations. The report described the way ICE aided in the takedown of Silk Road and how ICE is currently combating deepweb activity. “The Darknet is not a very sophisticated or special place; it just requires specific permission or access to get into ... Read More »

Two Teenagers Charged With Computer Crimes In Lizard Squad Investigation

During an ongoing investigation into the hacking group “Lizard Squad,” Chicago authorities charged two suspects for computer hacking. The suspects ran a “cyber-attack-for-hire” website that allowed attacks to be launched worldwide, federal authorities announced. Both suspects, a 19-year-old from Maryland and a 19-year-old from the Netherlands, were arrested in September. Zachary Buchta of Maryland made an initial court appearance in ... Read More »

Crimes Against Children are Growing In Canada

Data that CBC News has shared reveals the number of child pornography cases in Hamilton, and across Ontario has grown a substantial amount in the last 10 years.  The general feeling is that the exploitation is becoming a major problem and affecting more people every day around the world and needs a better look by law enforcement and other agencies. “The amount ... Read More »

Australia Creates a Cyber Intelligence Unit to Monitor Internet Crimes

Although Australia doesn’t appear on any of the notable lists of countries most affected by cybercrime, the Australian government has set up a cyber-intelligence unit for “unprecedented” national security threats. The new unit will specialize in identifying terrorism financing, money laundering and financial fraud on the internet. Australia’s Financial Intelligence Unit –  the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre or ... Read More »

5 People Charged in the UK with Deep Web Crimes

5 More people were charged in the UK for crimes related to Silk road – the first one is the known legal highs and drugs paraphernalia vendor “PlutoPete,”  – 53-year-old Peter Ward, who posted an announcement on his twitter: Finally been charged for my part in Silk Road, 9 charges inc conspiracy and supply class A and B :( — ... Read More »