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Research: Addressing the growth of darknet drug trading in the US

The use and popularity of the black darknet drug market in the US have been increasing in the past few years. The anonymity offered by darknet marketplaces enables users to steer clear of law enforcement. Current policy is centered on the identification of administrators of darknet marketplaces and the immediate shutdown of their platforms. Even though this policy has led ... Read More »


The social order of darknet drug marketplaces

Advanced networking technologies have greatly fueled the growth of online digital markets. To facilitate the trading of illicit drugs, darknet marketplaces, or crypto markets, leverage encryption and anonymization technologies to hide the identity and geographical location of those engaging in drug transactions. A recently published research paper utilizes economic sociology as a basic framework to formulate a better understanding of ... Read More »

Newtownabbey Darknet Drug Dealer Sentenced to Jail

A Newtownabbey man identified, as Darren Bennet, 23, was jailed for attempting to purchase handguns from a dark web market. The law enforcement strongly believes that the suspect intended to ship the weapons to south east Antrim. During the court hearing, Bennet pleaded guilty to the offenses he was charged with, including possession and intent to distribute illegal drugs, like ... Read More »

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Research: Using association rule learning with darknet traffic analysis to identify IoT malware

During the past few years, the rapid advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies has introduced transformational changes to our life. Nevertheless, the sophistication of IoT systems comes at the expense of a rise in the severity of cyberattacks that exploit vulnerabilities in IoT devices. In particular, the aftermath of a recently discovered IoT malware, known as Mirai, was ... Read More »

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Research: Identification of cyber threats across non-English darknet marketplaces

Proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) technologies are being utilized to alleviate the consequences of cyber attacks via identification of malicious threats springing up in various online hacker communities. Darknet marketplaces, internet relay chats (IRCs), carding shops, and hacker forums represent the most prominent examples of online hacker communities. Darknet marketplaces are unique and pivotal components of these online platforms because ... Read More »

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Research: The anonymity dilemma of the darknet – Freedom of speech vs governmental control

The darknet is not merely a place for criminal behavior; it facilitates secure, anonymous online communication between individuals adopting marginalized positions such as whistleblowers, human right activists, and dissidents. The darknet has been associated with a criminal, mystical, and threatening aura. This has been catalyzed by reports on darknet marketplaces that facilitate the trading of illicit drugs and weapons. Discussions ... Read More »

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Identification of key players in darknet child pornography forums

Child pornography represents various forms of visual depictions of explicit sexual conduct involving children. It has devastating effects on its victims and represents a serious social security issue, considering the advanced networking technologies in existence today. With the advent of the darknet, access to child pornography has become extremely anonymous and secure, which has resulted in a rapidly growing number ... Read More »


Research: Synthetic Cannabinoids (SCs) – The drug of the darknet

The popularity of smokable drugs containing synthetic cannabinoids (SCs) has been rising sharply during the past few years. SCs are mainly sold online via darknet marketplaces as an alternative to traditional psychoactive drugs such as opiates, cocaine, and MDMA. SCs are sold under various brand names, e.g. K2 in the USA and Spice in Europe. Considerable variations can exist in ... Read More »

Latvian Arrested for Ordering Darknet Packages of Drug from Netherlands on ‘Dream market’

A Latvian teenage citizen was arrested and detained by the Border and Customs Police of the States Revenue Authority for allegedly ordering and receiving illegal drug packages procured off the dark web. The illicit packages are believed to have been shipped from the Netherlands and Holland after having been paid for with virtual currencies and delivered through postal services to ... Read More »

Dubai Interpol Summit Major in Darknet Cybercrime Threat Posed.

The topic of the dark web and related crimes was among the issues discussed during the Interpol general meeting which was held in Dubai for the first time. The issue was brought to the table for discussion by the general secretary of organization, Jürgen Stock, who is also a German law enforcement officer. Interpol has been spearheading the fight against ... Read More »


Research: Using Darknet Forums by Black Hat Hackers During Crisis Periods (Darknet Marketplace Shutdown)

Darknet marketplaces are growing at a rather rapid rate. These marketplaces are not only markets for illegal and illicit drugs, but they are also places where hackers are selling various hacking tools and offering hacking as a service (HaaS) for anyone who can pay the predetermined price in cryptocurrency. The black hat hacker market evolved from being merely a playground ... Read More »

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Research: How ransomware and hacking services are sold on darknet marketplaces

Black hat hackers, and cyber-criminals are far more sagacious than most of us think. They are no longer script kiddies who are showing off their hacking skills to impress their social circles, but highly professional businessmen who are working meticulously hard to benefit from their exploitative attacks. Research studies have been done on how cyber-criminals market their skills and sell ... Read More »


Research: Multi-homing vendors and loyal buyers on darknet marketplaces

The past few years have witnessed increased popularity of darknet marketplaces which orchestrate trading of illicit products on the deep web. The darknet marketplace ecosystem is evolving despite government shutdowns and takedown operations. International law enforcement agencies call for a better understanding of these novel illicit trading platforms. Buyers seem to shift to surviving marketplaces when one marketplace is taken ... Read More »


The rise of Fentanyl in the US and EU darknet marketplaces

Fentanyl is a “Schedule I” drug and one of the widely used synthetic opioids in medicine. In the United States, illegally produced fentanyl, as well as its analogues, New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), which are newly available drugs whose chemical structure is being modified to skirt around law enforcement agents (LEAs). They are used by traffickers to adulterate namely heroin, and ... Read More »