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CyberGhost Review

Virtual Private Network (or VPN) service provides online security and anonymity to millions of users around the world. It encrypts your data and creates a tunnel around it to prevent IP address leakage. It also allows its users to bypass georestriction and access websites and content they usually cannot from their location. By design, VPN software connects you to the ... Read More »

Surfshark Review

Surfshark is a small VPN company that provides an outstanding VPN experience despite the fact it does not have as many servers as some of its competitors. During the last couple of years, VPN apps have become an important part of users’ everyday lives, especially given the fact that our online security and privacy has been compromised due to potential ... Read More »

A Review of Tor Browser 8.0

Tor users’ can now access the Tor Browser 8.0 from Tor Browser Project Page and distribution directory. This version allows users to connect to the Tor network with a higher level of online anonymity and privacy. Though Tor Browser 8.0 is a significant update, there are negative feedbacks from the users. Those using devices running on macOS systems have experienced ... Read More »

Supreme Court Refuses to Review Ross Ulbricht’s Case

In December of last year, the attorneys for Ross Ulbricht, the convicted creator of the original Silk Road darknet, had asked the Supreme Court of the United States to review Ulbricht’s case in a petition for a writ of certiorari they filed with the high court. But prior to the end of the Supreme Court’s term for this year, the ... Read More »

Chip Mixer Review

ChipMixer Official Website: https://chipmixer.com/ Onion Link: http://chipmixerwzxtzbw.onion/ When you want to remain anonymous in the Blockchain, be sure to use bitcoin mixers. Chip Mixer is a service that lets you hide your identity when transacting on the Blockchain. Using the service means that you remain untraceable and thus, safe on the internet or deep web. So why do you need ... Read More »

Penguin Mixer: Review and Tutorial

Today, we are going to review and teach you how to use the Penguin mixer. The reason why we have taken an interest on this particular mixer is its open source nature. Like the mixer itself explains on the front page, the deep web relies on a multitude of open source services like Linux, Tor and Bitcoin. However, bitcoin mixers ... Read More »

DEAR ABBY – A Review of (REAL) Darknet Antics

Recently, it seems that the darknet and it’s users has gotten pretty lax. Vendors are being arrested left and right. Customers are having packages seized and their houses raided. It is human nature to become comfortable. In this world, you cannot become comfortable. Below are a few, real encounters from various forums around the darknet. All of these arrests have ... Read More »

OverplayVPN Review

While conducting our Overplay VPN review we found that they promote their product as being secure, flexible and fast. Also, they are among the most innovative providers on the market right now and their network is growing exponentially fast. Currently, their network covers 48 countries worldwide, each country being the host of a cluster of powerful servers that make the ... Read More »

Strong VPN Review

STRONG VPN Strong VPN is operated by StrongVPN.com/Reliablehosting.com. The large and popular US-based entity is on a mission to provide a 5-star support with exceptional all fiber network for your servers. Strong VPN network is a redundant multihomed BPG4 system that utilizes Cisco and Foundry Networks routers and switches. They also connect to more than thirty other networks in North ... Read More »

VPN Secure Review

VPN Secure is a rather new company that started in 2010 in Brisbane, Australia. Up until now, they managed to develop the server network, which is spread over 42 countries, and currently they service thousands of clients all over the world. In our VPN Secure review we found their main focus is to offer concerned customers a secure networking solution ... Read More »

Mullvad Review

The Company In this Mullvad Review we found out that Mullvad is a VPN service operated by Amagicom AB Company based in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden. Mullvad’s mission is to make the internet censorship and surveillance ineffective. Mullvad endeavors to keep your online activity, location and identity private. Its location in Sweden gives it a head start over other ... Read More »

BTGuard Review

We have decided to do a BTGuard Review even though they are a much smaller VPN provider. They have pretty good privacy though so that made us give them a closer look. Founded in 2008, BTGuard is a well known VPN service provider located in Toronto, Canada. The company has focused its main strength in bringing together peer-to-peer communities online, ... Read More »

BolehVPN Review

BolehVPN was founded in 2007 as a response to ISPs actions of blocking sites that were considered bad for the local society and content filtering. These actions stood right in front of the idea of a free internet and led to the birth of a new VPN solution that values clients’ anonymity and support P2P connections. Since 2007, the solution ... Read More »

Private Internet Access Review (PIA)

Private Internet Access is a popular VPN solution that offers users the possibility to customize their preferences according to their level of knowledge. The solution is provided by the London Media Trust company with headquarter in Los Angeles and branches all over the world. Their main goal is to free the internet from governmental control and censorship and offer the ... Read More »

Privatoria Review

Privatoria is a VPN solution that offers both low prices and a series of powerful advanced features that recommend it for Deep Web access and other activities that the user wants to maintain anonymous. The company was founded in 2013 and the team that runs it has over 10 years of experience in the IT and Internet Security area. They ... Read More »