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Trio That Used the Dark Web to Sell Ecstasy and Ketamine Arrested

Three Brockton men accused of dark web drug trafficking were arrested following an investigation by state police detectives and federal agents. The men allegedly run the operation from a storage unit in Stoughton, accepted payments in bitcoin and used the postal system to distribute the drugs to customers from all parts of the US. The trio’s arrest reportedly resulted in ... Read More »

Assets of Two Members of a Dark Web Drug Trafficking Trio Frozen

Two members of an Australian dark web trafficking trio, made up of a 25-year-old man and two sisters, have had their assets frozen. The trio allegedly sold drugs worth over $17 million through the dark web for five years. They were arrested on the 14th of February following nine months of investigations against their operations by Strike Force Royden, a ... Read More »

Trio That Sold Drugs Worth Over $17M Through the Dark Web Busted

A man and two women were arrested for allegedly distributing drugs all over Australia through the dark web and the Australian post. The three are believed to have sold drugs worth over $17 million and to have established themselves as the largest dark web drug vendor in Australia over time. The man allegedly led the group and had a vendor’s ... Read More »